I would like to recommend to you what I consider a GREAT TV program. It is called: HAVE A BIBLE QUESTION. It is a work of the Milestone Church of Christ in Cantonement, FL and the Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies. The speaker on the program is also the Director of the school, Guyton Montgomery.

I believe the concept of this program is very good. What takes place on the program is to use 30 minutes to answer one question having to do with our relationship to God as taught in His Book, the Bible. Guyton is quite effective in arousing our interest in whatever question is being considered on each program. He works hard to communicate well the truth of God’s Word. I think you will find it interesting; I pray you will find it life-changing!

We have available a Broadcast Schedule of this program for the year 2021, which also shows channels where and times when it can be seen. We show it below, if you would like a PDF copy, please click H-E-R-E.

2021 Schedule: Have a Bible Question
2021 Schedule

Author: David Lemmons

Preacher for Maple Hill Church of Christ near Benton, KY. Married to Diane for 44 years. Father of Heather, Aaron, and Rachel. Grandfather of Maverick, Serenity, and Cannon.

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