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One of my favorite monthly publications comes to my Email box. I am always blessed by the articles it contains. Most of the writing is done by my friend, Roger Campbell, but some are from his son-in-law, Chad Dollahite. Chad is also a great gospel preacher and excellent writer. Also, two other great writers are in the two issues we combine in this post. We have listed below the January and February articles in TRUTH. Ten excellent studies from Scripture! We encourage you to download and read this faith-building material. Tell others about it and give them the links.


01.  Tell me about Evidence for the Existence of God, Roger Campbell

02.  HAVING STRONG FAMILIES: We must build them “BY THE BOOK,” Dave Leonard.

03.  We Need to Imitate Jesus’ Compassion, Roger Campbell

04.  Galatians 1.6-9–The Danger of Perverting the Gospel, Chad Dollahite

05.  Lessons from the Church in Antioch of Syria, Roger Campbell

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01.  Tell Me about Proof which Shows the Bible is the Word of God,               Joel Danley

02.  Am I Mentally Prepared to Get Married?, Roger Campbell

03.  We Need to Imitate Jesus’ Courage, Roger Campbell

04.  Galatians–The Genuineness of Paul’s Apostleship, Roger Campbell

05.  Lessons from the Church in Corinth, Chad Dollahite

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2022 VBS Plans

Fearless VBS


 LEADER: Kris Simmons

 DATES: June 13-15, 2022

 TIME: Monday through Wednesday, 6:30 to 8:15

 CURRICULUM: Apologetics Press, 3 of the 5 lessons:

  1. PETER’S SERMON… In this lesson, your students will study Peter’s Gospel sermon from Acts 2, noticing the ATTENTION that Peter gave to Scripture, logic, and his audience when he courageously delivered the Gospel message.
  2. STEPHEN’S SPEECH… In this lesson your students will examine Stephen’s life, and his speech from Acts chapters 6 and 7. You will notice his constant AWARENESS of Jesus Christ, and how he lived his life with FEARLESS faith.
  3. PAUL’S SYSTEM… In this lesson your students will follow Paul through a few of his missionary efforts and learn that having a FEARLESS faith means taking ACTION. Your students will see that Paul was an active writer, traveler, preacher, and even an active prisoner!

 SONGLEADERS: Davis, Maverick, Zeb


Nursery: Rachel

4’s and 5’s: Diane

K-2nd: Jill & Brittany

3rd-5th: Beth, Millie, Chey

Middle School: Patsy and Wanda

AUDITORIUM: Elders, Jimmie, Larry, Allen

 REFRESHMENTS: Mickey & Harold

 Last night: PIZZA from Domino’s.

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