Division of the Work

Walking in Truth: called of GodIn our next study with the WALKING IN TRUTH radio audience, we will study from Nehemiah 3. We will study under the heading: DIVISION OF THE WORK. Without a doubt, Nehemiah was one of the greatest leaders of the Old Testament. There are many lessons to be learned in the field of leadership to be learned in this great book. We study together first the record of the builders from Nehemiah 3.1-32.  Then we look at some applications from the text. There are many names listed in this chapter of those who cooperated together to accomplish an amazing building task in just 52 days. The rebuilding of the walls of the city of Jersualem after they had been torn down by Nebuchadnezzar was a massive project. It was accomplished through dedication to and division of the work. Please listen to our study of this great chapter by clicking HERE 

Elders’ Work is VITAL Work!

Elders’ work is vital work, vital to the local congregation. There is no question that this is true. I just viewed an OUTSTANDING video on that particular subject. The speaker was my friend, Victor Eskew. He used a PowerPoint to aid in the delivery of that powerful presentation. I think it is the most helpful sermon on the topic I have ever seen or heard.

elders' work

I would encourage everyone, not just elders, to view this important video. All Christians need to know what the Bible teaches regarding the organization of the church. Why? Well, it was in the area of organization that the first apostasy from the true pattern for the church took place. Christians must study what the Bible reveals regarding the elders’ work! If we do not study this important matter, we will be unable to conform to the New Testament pattern.

If it is our desire to fit the pattern for the New Testament church, we must search for and pay attention to the various distinctive identity marks. Leadership in the church is one of those marks. How did God intend for the local church to be governed?

You should be convinced that elders’ work is VITAL to the well being of the local church. If you are not, you surely need to view this video.

In the video Victor makes several references to 1 Peter 5. We have a study guide for 1 Peter 5 on this site.