is this youWould you look into the mirror for a moment? May I please ask you a simple question? IS THIS YOU?

EARS are open to the cries for help from a lost and dying world.

EYES are ever searching for a receptive heart in which to plant the Word.

LIPS are always ready to proclaim the glory of God.

HANDS are turning the pages of God’s Word, seeking to learn His will.

FEET are on the move to carry the gospel to every creature.

HEART is breaking because some will never hear the gospel.

HEAD bows in prayer for wisdom and for workers in the harvest.

FACE glows with the hope that is within.

LIFE is like a light set upon a hill that cannot be hid.

THIS IS A SOULWINNER… but more importantly, IS THIS YOU?

MY SOURCE: Bulletin of the Stuttgart (AR) Church of Christ, Joe Spangler, Editor.

Check this article regarding “Adversity Evangelism.” For a poetic look at Scripture see: Self-Condemned.


BibleTributeI have a copy of Class Notes on Romans, written by the late Roy H. Lanier, Sr. On the front cover of that book is this amazing poem of praise for God’s Word. Please read it and think about the VALUE of the Bible, and please be sure not to stand Self-Condemned

  1. The Bible is a message of instruction; a message of warning; and it is a message of hope.
  2. All men everywhere should rejoice at hearing and understanding that message.
  3. It is a light to our feet, a chart for the traveler, and a compass for the sailor.
  4. It is food for the soul, balm for the aching heart, and medicine for the sick.
  5. It is a sword for the soldier, seed for the sower, and a girdle for the weary.
  6. It comforts the sorrowing, encourages the faint, and gives hope to the discouraged.
  7. It rebukes the ungodly, reproves the negligent, and corrects the wanderer.
  8. It is to be studied in life, cherished in death, and answered in the judgment.
  9. Let us rejoice in every opportunity we have to read it, appreciate every explanation we hear of it, and put into practice every lesson we learn from it.
  10. To obey it is to build on the Rock eternal.
  11. To disobey it is to build on the shifting sand.
  12. To neglect to learn it is to stand self-condemned.

Well Named

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As part of a larger discussion online, I ran across a very thoughtful poem. It is entitled: “Bar,” and was written by the famous author: Anonymous. I Googled it, but found no answer as to the poet. If you know, please inform me.



The name of each saloon’s a bar,

The fittest of its names by far.

A bar to heaven, a door to hell.

Whoever named it, named it well.

A bar to manliness and wealth,

A door to want and broken health;

A bar to honor, pride, and fame,

A door to sin and grief and shame;

A bar to hope, a bar to prayer,

A door to darkness and despair.

A bar to honored, useful life,

A door to brawling, senseless strife;

A bar to all that’s true and brave,

A door to every drunkard’s grave;

A bar to joys that home imparts,

A door to tears and aching hearts;

A bar to heaven, a door to hell,

Whoever named it named it well.

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