e-Tract Rack Plus

TFTWappA little over five years ago I downloaded a new APP for my iPod—it is now on my iPhone. The source is Truth for the World. You can easily download it for yourself by clicking HERE. My iPhone is now officially, an e-Tract Rack PLUS!!! It could be a personal worker’s great friend. It has many ways to be helpful to someone who would like to teach the LOST God’s truth. Would you like to have an enormous tract rack in your pocket or purse? If so, I think I have found something to bless your life!

From this APP it is possible to stream audio or video from the TFTW site. The audio and video is streamed, but there are parts of the APP that are available for use offline. The APP is divided into six parts: (1) Listen; (2) Watch; (3) Read; (4) Courses; (5) Study; and (6) About Us. If I have it counted correctly, there are these wonderfully helpful resources…

  • 73 Tracts
  • 95 other articles
  • A 12-lesson Study Guide for Teaching the Lost from John Grubb
  • A 1-Lesson BCC about Salvation.
  • Link to Online BCCs
  • Link to the TFTW podcast

I recommend this beautiful APP. If you will simply read the things available to read on it YOURSELF, you will be so much more prepared to be helpful to the 7 billion people on planet earth, the bulk of whom are lost and headed to torment.