Genesis Puzzles

One crossword puzzle for each of the 50 chapters…


For quite some time, we have been placing Bible Crossword Puzzles in the publication, The Good Neighbor. We also want to place these puzzles on this website. We have the entire New Testament covered with one puzzle from each of the 260 chapters. Those will be added eventually. Today, we add a 100-page PDF file to cover the 50 chapters of Genesis. These are two pages each. One for the puzzle, and the solution is on the second page–so don’t look on the second page till you do the work!

Genesis Crossword Puzzles… 0100puz.Combo

Author: David Lemmons

Preacher for Maple Hill Church of Christ near Benton, KY. Married to Diane for 44 years. Father of Heather, Aaron, and Rachel. Grandfather of Maverick, Serenity, and Cannon.

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