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When we last had Bible Classes PRE-Covid19, we were engaged in a study of 2 Samuel on Wednesday nights. In July our classes will begin again, Lord willing. We have now completed a study guide for the 17th chapter of 2 Samuel. There are eight pages containing several parts including questions, lessons, outline, summary, etc. I hope the guide will be helpful to many in taking a look at this very interesting chapter in the life of King David. You can find the PDF by clicking H-E-R-E. Other guides also are available by clicking H-E-R-E.

Genesis Puzzles

One crossword puzzle for each of the 50 chapters…


For quite some time, we have been placing Bible Crossword Puzzles in the publication, The Good Neighbor. We also want to place these puzzles on this website. We have the entire New Testament covered with one puzzle from each of the 260 chapters. Those will be added eventually. Today, we add a 100-page PDF file to cover the 50 chapters of Genesis. These are two pages each. One for the puzzle, and the solution is on the second page–so don’t look on the second page till you do the work!

Genesis Crossword Puzzles… 0100puz.Combo

Study Guides for Colossians

…covers many of the same topics as Ephesians does and in much the same order.

5100.WebGraphicPlease notice the following brief statement of introduction to Colossians…

“INTRODUCTION TO COLOSSIANS: Paul is writing this letter from prison in Rome. He says in the last verse of the book, “Remember my bonds” (Col 4.18). Colossae was located in the Roman province of Phrygia only twenty or so miles from its companion city of Laodicea. No doubt this accounts for the several times that Laodicea is mentioned in this book (Co 2.1; 4.13-15) and for the exchange of epistles between them. This letter was sent to the church in Colossae at the same time that Paul sent the letter to Philemon regarding Onesimus (Col 4.7-9). It is a companion letter to Ephesians, evidently written at the same time, and also sent by the hand of Tychicus (Col 4.7; Eph 6.21). It covers many of the same topics as Ephesians does and in much the same order. It was written in response to a report by Epaphras regarding the church there (Col 1.7-8). This report was mainly encouraging, but evidently (considering the topics covered in the epistle) also included news of some false teaching that might lead some astray” [Darrell Conley, “Philippians and Colossians—A Summary,” in Studies in Philippians and Colossians, Editor: Dub McClish, 2000 Annual Denton Lectures, p. 38].

I hope you will find the study guides listed below to be helpful. The first is a combination of the others, a 37-page PDF document. If you find them helpful in your study, please tell others where they can be found.

Colossians, 37-page study guide of Colossians… 5100sg.Combo

Colossians 1… 5101sg

Colossians 2… 5102sg

Colossians 3… 5103sg

Colossians 4… 5104sg

Study Guides for Matthew

4000.WebsiteGraphicMatthew’s Gospel provides the vital link between the Old and New Testaments. Matthew begins by tracing the genealogy of Jesus through Joseph; the birth of Jesus to the virgin Mary; the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist; and Satan’s temptation of Jesus while in the wilderness. Jesus speaks more in Matthew than in the other Gospels, and His teaching discourses include the Sermon on the Mount (chapters 5-7); sending out the Twelve (chapter 10); parables of the kingdom (chapter 13); fellowship of the Kingdom (chapter 18); and the Olivet Discourse concerning the future (chapters 24-25). During Jesus’ final week His betrayal, trial, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection take place. Matthew concludes with the call of the Great Commission to all believers [The Rainbow Study Bible, p. 1131].

We hope these study guides linked below will be helfpul to you in a detailed study of this great account of the life of Christ. If you find them helpful please refer others to this site.

Matthew–a 337-page PDF, which includes ALL of the following links… 4000sg.Combo

Matthew Introduction… 4000.Intro

Matthew 1… 4001sg

Matthew 2… 4002sg

Matthew 3… 4003sg

Matthew 4… 4004sg

Matthew 5… 4005sg

Matthew 6… 4006sg

Matthew 7… 4007sg

Matthew 8… 4008sg

Matthew 9… 4009sg

Matthew 10… 4010sg

Matthew 11… 4011sg

Matthew 12… 4012sg

Matthew 13… 4013sg

Matthew 14… 4014sg

Matthew 15… 4015sg

Matthew 16… 4016sg

Matthew 17… 4017sg

Matthew 18… 4018sg

Matthew 19… 4019sg

Matthew 20… 4020sg

Matthew 21… 4021sg

Matthew 22… 4022sg

Matthew 23… 4023sg

Matthew 24… 4024sg

Matthew 25… 4025sg

Matthew 26… 4026sg

Matthew 27… 4027sg

Matthew 28… 4028sg

Study Guides for 2 Timothy

The Bible student, therefore ought to “hang on” every word of this precious document…

5500.WebsiteGraphicI just read an article from the pen of Wayne Jackson, which seems to me to be an excellent introduction to 2 Timothy. I include here the link to his website so that you can go and benefit from reading the same.

Second Timothy was the final epistle Paul penned before his “appointment” with death was realized (cf. Hebrews 9:27). As he set to parchment his concluding instructions to Timothy, his faithful friend, he could almost hear the executioner sharpening his sword. He wrote: “For I am already being offered, and the time of my departure is come” (4:6). The Bible student, therefore ought to “hang on” every word of this precious document.

Please read the rest of Wayne Jackson’s article by clicking HERE.

We have uploaded a set of study Guides on 2 Timothy, including one PDF file which contains all four guides. If they are helpful to you, please tell others about this source.

Study Gude on 2 Timothy… 5500sg.Combo

Chapter 1… 5501sg

Chapter 2… 5502sg

Chapter 3…. 5503sg

Chapter 4… 5504sg

Study Guides on 2 Peter

Peter’s desire is to REMIND us of things that are very important so that we might be established in the present truth…

6100.WebsiteGraphicPeter’s second letter begins with a MOST encouraging note in verse 3 which helps us to know that we have all that we need through the knowledge of Christ. He seems unable to add enough adjectives to the word PROMISES, which ought to cause us to think about the many blessings of living a faithful Christian life. He points to some special qualities which will be ours as we diligently add to our faith the qualities which our Lord would have us to develop. We cannot be fruitless if we go about in these graces. If we are lacking then we need to think more seriously about what we have received in Christ. Peter’s desire is to REMIND us of things that are very important so that we might be established in the present truth (v. 12). He remembers the time of the Transfiguration when he and two other apostles heard the voice of the Lord (Matthew 17.5). He praises the Holy Scriptures as coming from holy men of God moved by the Holy Spirit.

Please study 2 Peter with the study guides listed below. If you find them to be helpful please tell others where they can come to use them

2 Peter Combined… 6100.Combo

2 Peter 1… 6101sg

2 Peter 2… 6102sg

2 Peter 3… 6103sg

Study Guides for Revelation

A 158-page study guide to the Book of Revelation

6600.WebsiteBannerThe Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ.  John was the human penman, but it was given him by our Lord (v. 1).  The first verse also urges upon us the need to reject any view of the Revelation which makes it deal only with FUTURE happenings (e.g., the Premillennialists’ view).  It was intended to mean something to those first century saints.  The fact that a blessing is pronounced upon those who read and keep its sayings take away the view that it deals only with the past.  The first chapter begins by heaping praise upon the beloved Son of God.

John, himself, was a companion in suffering with those other suffering Christians of the day and had been banished to the Isle of Patmos (v. 9).  John is told to write these things he sees down in a book.  The first readers of the book would be the seven churches of Asia and we learn more about them from chapters two and three.  The first vision of the book is an especially comforting one for Christians who are suffering in that it pictures Jesus in and around and amongst the seven candlesticks (which symbolize churches, v. 20).  That we have such a Lord and Savior as Him who speaks the words which end this chapter should bring us entirely sufficient comfort!

I hope the study guides listed below will be a help to you. There are many approaches to the study of Revelation. In these guides, I have leaned heavily on Lonnie Woodruff’s book: Revelation for Christians Today. We are posting here each individual chapter PDF in Revelation along with a combined PDF file for all of them combined. If they are a help to you in your study we are thankful. If you care to tell others about these guides, please do.

Combined 22 chapters… 6600sg

Chapter 1…  6601sg

Chapter 2… 6602sg

Chapter 3… 6603sg

Chapter 4… 6604sg

Chapter 5… 6605sg

Chapter 6… 6606sg

Chapter 7… 6607sg

Chapter 8… 6608sg

Chapter 9… 6609sg

Chapter 10… 6610sg

Chapter 11… 6611sg

Chapter 12… 6612sg

Chapter 13… 6613sg

Chapter 14… 6614sg

Chapter 15… 6615sg

Chapter 16… 6616sg

Chapter 17… 6617sg

Chapter 18… 6618sg

Chapter 19… 6619sg

Chapter 20… 6620sg

Chapter 21… 6621sg

Chapter 22… 6622sg

Study Guide for 3 John

A 9-page, 9-part study of 3 John, including 2 puzzles.

6400.WebsiteGraphic3 John was written to Gaius, a faithful member of the Lord’s church.  This church wanted to assist some missionaries and Gaius was leading in the effort, but he and the faithful ones were opposed by a brother named Diotrephes, who was an obvious tyrant in that congregation.  The Apostle John instructs the church to support the preaching of the gospel and promises to deal with Diotrephes.

Please study this short epistle from the inspired Apostle John using our study guide. If you find it helpful, tell others where they can come find a copy.

Study Guide for 3 John… 6400sg

Study Guide on 2 John

A 7-page study guide from the New Testament Book of 2 John with 9 parts, including two puzzles.

6300.WebsiteGraphicThe New Testament book of 2 John is another of the five one-chapter books in the Bible. Small but powerful! It has great value. The VITAL exhortation of  verse 9 should cause us all to be thankful and prayerfully careful to accept its beautifully stated wisdom. The Lord would have you and me to ABIDE IN the doctrine of Christ! There simply is no better way to live life on earth! It is the ABUNDANT LIFE of John 10.10.

Please use the study guide on 2 John carefully to study these wonderful words from the Apostle John. If you find it helpful, please tell others where they can come find it. btc2John

Study Guide for 2 John… 6300sg

Study Guide on Philemon

This is a link to a 10-page LemmonsAid Study Guide on the New Testament Book of Philemon. It has 9 sections: Outline, Summary, Chronology, Words/Phrases to Study, Lessons and Applications, 15 Questions, A Seek-A-Word Puzzle, A Crossword Puzzle, Extra Credit Section.

5700.WebHeaderForSGIf every member of the church would study Philemon before writing to another brother, the church would benefit greatly. This letter, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is a gem to be treasured as a MODEL in the matter of courteous discourse. Paul had a specific object in mind and that was for Onesimus, a runaway slave, to be received warmly by Philemon. Who could doubt that, Philemon, having read this letter, would do anything but submit to Paul’s request?

Please study Philemon with the study guide by clicking HERE: 5701sg

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