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Walking in Truth: Christian LivingIn this radio program we consider Christian living based upon the powerful question found in 2 Peter 3.11. How we ought to live is such a vital interest for anyone who is thinking clearly. The fact is that the Bible teaches us plainly that one day there is coming a judgment day, a last day (John 12.48). If I believe the Bible, I believe that Judgment Day is coming. When I read 2 Peter 3.11, I find Peter gives me an extremely important question to consider. According to the Bible (2 Peter 3.10), it is the case that on Judgment Day, God will bring to an end every single thing that has to do with physical life on this earth.

Why is Christian Living So Important?

In pondering Peter’s question, we are wise to adopt the idea of working for things that are eternal. Christian living and faithfulness to Christ, on that great Judgment Day, will rank highest on anyone’s list. Sadly, most will not begin seeing this until that day (Matthew 7.13-14)—which will be too late. Lots of things men now think are super important, on that day will be of zero importance. It will not just be Christians who acknowledge Jesus as Lord on that day.

One day the environmentalists will find that “mother earth,” he has so diligently sought to save will have been destroyed by the Lord. On that day all will recognize that God was in control of the earth and it could not be destroyed by man. Instead, God did it in a nanosecond.

Main Points of this Lesson on Christian living…

  1. I ought to live in the flesh, but NOT after the flesh (Rom 8.1-13; Gal 5.16-26).
  2. I ought to live in the world, but NOT of the world (Jn 15.18-19; 17.11-18; James 1.27; 4.4; 1 Jn 2.15-17).
  3. I ought to live as though the eyes of the world are ON ME, because THEY ARE (2 Cor 3.2).
  4. I ought to live as though God sees me BECAUSE HE DOES (Ps 139.1-12; Eccl 12.13-14; Heb 4.13; Lk 12.2; Num 32.23; 1 Timothy 5.24).
  5. I ought to live as though this were my last day on earth, because it may be (Job 14.1-2; 16.22; Eccl 12; James 4.13-15).

Here is our August 19, 2018 recording of Walking in Truth:

Study Guides on 2 Peter

Peter’s desire is to REMIND us of things that are very important so that we might be established in the present truth…

6100.WebsiteGraphicPeter’s second letter begins with a MOST encouraging note in verse 3 which helps us to know that we have all that we need through the knowledge of Christ. He seems unable to add enough adjectives to the word PROMISES, which ought to cause us to think about the many blessings of living a faithful Christian life. He points to some special qualities which will be ours as we diligently add to our faith the qualities which our Lord would have us to develop. We cannot be fruitless if we go about in these graces. If we are lacking then we need to think more seriously about what we have received in Christ. Peter’s desire is to REMIND us of things that are very important so that we might be established in the present truth (v. 12). He remembers the time of the Transfiguration when he and two other apostles heard the voice of the Lord (Matthew 17.5). He praises the Holy Scriptures as coming from holy men of God moved by the Holy Spirit.

Please study 2 Peter with the study guides listed below. If you find them to be helpful please tell others where they can come to use them

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2 Peter 1… 6101sg

2 Peter 2… 6102sg

2 Peter 3… 6103sg

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