Study Guides for Revelation

A 158-page study guide to the Book of Revelation

6600.WebsiteBannerThe Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ.  John was the human penman, but it was given him by our Lord (v. 1).  The first verse also urges upon us the need to reject any view of the Revelation which makes it deal only with FUTURE happenings (e.g., the Premillennialists’ view).  It was intended to mean something to those first century saints.  The fact that a blessing is pronounced upon those who read and keep its sayings take away the view that it deals only with the past.  The first chapter begins by heaping praise upon the beloved Son of God.

John, himself, was a companion in suffering with those other suffering Christians of the day and had been banished to the Isle of Patmos (v. 9).  John is told to write these things he sees down in a book.  The first readers of the book would be the seven churches of Asia and we learn more about them from chapters two and three.  The first vision of the book is an especially comforting one for Christians who are suffering in that it pictures Jesus in and around and amongst the seven candlesticks (which symbolize churches, v. 20).  That we have such a Lord and Savior as Him who speaks the words which end this chapter should bring us entirely sufficient comfort!

I hope the study guides listed below will be a help to you. There are many approaches to the study of Revelation. In these guides, I have leaned heavily on Lonnie Woodruff’s book: Revelation for Christians Today. We are posting here each individual chapter PDF in Revelation along with a combined PDF file for all of them combined. If they are a help to you in your study we are thankful. If you care to tell others about these guides, please do.

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